Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was in the City of Angels to, uhm, celebrate the folding up of my first moleskine, to…er, commemorate the birth of my wisdom tooth, er, uhm, extol my grossed out choice to singlehood. Ain’t convincing, is it?

Dateline: Friday, 4ish AM. I packed up for a road trip with my pink BFF MJ. Garbed in my plaid gray pantaloons lined with snippets of pink and orange (I was reeking bakla from the waist down), a mauve tank and my trusty Chucks. I was gunning at getting ‘lucky’ so I’ve brought an extra tube o’ lube. Hehe.

Friday night, MJ hosted an O party. I thought I’ve already file O under BeenThereDoneThat that it didn’t stir any interest to me anymore, but when I barge on MJ’s door what greeted was a bunch of hotties—all eight of ‘em. No sooner than I can strp, I was serving Jose Cuervo bare toped naked. I burped to my gum’s content.

The morning after, it was time to explore the city’s wares. Nightime, we went to the Fieldstrip when I got a call from R who hooked me up with his Amboy ex, M. Now I am not the type who would partake on someone else’s leftover, but he was Yummy Personified that I just gotta have some. I got some, and ‘some’ was too much of an understatement, M went beyond, way beyond, expectation.

After slambangin’ with Amboy, I went back to Fields to re-align with MJ et al. Next stop was Diamond.


Anonymous said...

and then?!!!!!


Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

la lang...