Monday, March 10, 2008

A new guy.

I can’t, I won’t give it up--my singular life amidst the pleasures of my multiple self. No, not just yet.

Funny, it’s when I’ve decided to simplify that I find myself leaping out of my skin with joy. I am happy right now, so happy that I am a walking fiesta with my sleeves swaying with buntings and my steps peppered with confetti.

Once, I have decluttered, vowed myself to a life of simplicity. Redundant entities were filed under excess baggage, unnecessities were thrown to the fire and irrelevant nincompoops were fed to the shredder. I’ve gunned my trusty, venomous and apathetic dedma to purge people not worth my while. This goes true--especially true--with my mumba of romantic engage-,uh, entanglements: flings that have flung, ex’s who’ve mutated to full-fledge cretins and would-be bfs who turned out to be unworthy wannabe’s.

But some things cannot be ignored, especially when it comes knockin’ at your door. You can’t simply exclaim eureka! when the person on the other side of the door turns out to be hot and smart and…oh, sigh. Just when I wasn’t looking, this stranger came barging into my life and since then, I can’t seem to strip this smile off my face. : )

Gosh, I’m too old to blush but I’m turning pink with giggles.