Tuesday, October 21, 2008


(How to slaughter a dream)

THERE I was, last Saturday, sitting as one-fourth of the deciding panel for the go-see of The First Philippine Models Weekend. A go-see—for the flair-impaired—is plain models’ audition in glitzy fashionspeak. Over 300+ model-wannabes were on a call-back and t’was me-myself-and-I’s triumvirate of a brainchild to summon the pretty young minions of fashion to gather and copulate at my Chuck’ed feet (yeah, words can be verbosely accessorized a la Galiano’s aesthetics).

It was an unabashed mix. There were the chiseled good looking ones, the rugged diamonds in the rough. There were washboard abs and lotsa boobies spilling out their tank tops and low-down scooped tees. But there were also the the plain Janes, simple schmucks and the uglies, the bunch with nothing but loads of unrealistic dream persistence.

If there’s one word to describe the elimination, it would be UNAPOLOGETIC. It was a slaughterhouse. It was so Simon Cowell back there. The panel (composed of a fashion editor, a fashion stylist, a PR practitioner and moi), was blunt, matter-of-factly and direct to the point. I saw applicants jumping out of their skins as I hand them the coveted Official Postcard that invites them to The First Philippine Models Weekend. But I was also a heart wrenching witness to wannabes with pleading eyes and “Please…” written on their lips as they were handed out the No verdict.

It broke my heart. I know how it is to dream big. To be splattered in your face with a harsh No was just a lashing, arduous experience. What sprinkled salt to my wounded heart was that it was all based on looks.

Looks. Just that and nothing more.

I get an enchilada of thoughts up my head. Is fashion really superficial? Who are we to judge who is beautiful and who is not? Who are we to be arbiters of good taste? What gave us the right to kill dreams?

It’s sad that fashion reveals its ugly fangs to me now, but the sadder part is, I am a willing victim to ram it up my throat and hark “Suck it to me, baby!”

God, I swear to my Calvins, I am so bad. Ugh.


lusia said...

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Hello, kanina lang ako naglakas loob na bumili ng libro mo Masculadoll at naloka ako sa kalandian mo he,he. Naiyak at natawa din ako ang galing mo ateng!
Keep it up! Sana read ka din ng book ko he,he. Thanks muah!

ambrosio said...

Masculadoll!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

thanks, lusia.

am pretty busy right now with lotsa projx lined up for the last Q of 08.

im so neck-deep with work that i cant even finalize my Book Launch!

need to muscle up and gorge on the this four-letter word called W-O-R-K!

\hope everything's well with ya.

l o u i e

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...



Nice nick!

Maraming salamat po! Anong title ng book mo? Nga pala, lumabas na rin ang sequel ng Baklese, ang Baklese Dos.

l o u i e

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...


a m b r o s i o------>

salamat po.

l o u i e

OliverTwist said...

Waiting for Maculadoll here in National Bookstore Baguio City. Wala pa eh...

Anonymous said...

Waaah! ant find Maswculadoll! Palagi yatang sold our sa Powerbooks!


tivock said...

sana may pang lesbo book din na ganito...


aris said...

I admire your realization that fashion is indeed nothing more than skin-deep. Even the fact that you are a willing victim, because, let's face it, very few people have the guts and the neurons to be able to do that.

But the more pressing question is, what are you gonna do about it?

We gays pride ourselves in our belief that no boxes/borders exist. Yet, certain sub-sections of the community champion this superficiality that we supposedly open-minded homosexuals should be rallying against.

What gives? An ingrained desire for acceptance? That should be worth jack sh*t and we all know it. All this posturing just results to deeper fear and irrelevant strife and struggle for our brothers/sisters who are just realizing how to begin living their own lives.

*Not that I am faultless. Just wanted to talk about the hypocrisy of it all.