Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lex Bonife writes

(Lex Bonife is the writer of the widely acclaimed films "Ang Lalaki Sa Parola" and "Ang Lihim ni Antonio")

Book author Louie Cano is one of my favorite chit chat buddy over the dumb bells and bench press of Fitness First. His latest work "Masculadoll: Mga Sanaysay ng Buhay Bading na di Buking" is his first work that I have ever read. And I must say it brought me to fits of laughter for the past two days.

His colorful and flamboyant account as a muscled gay man dancing on the ledge of Bed Bar, hooking up with different men from the "discreet" to the "rent" boys, breaking his heart with an arrogantly imbecile man, and remembering his juvenile affair with his cute classmate makes me appreciate the rich diversity of life as a gay man through the lens of an irreverent humor.

Congratulations, Louie for "Masculadoll"

(Blush. Thanks, Lexxx!)



Anonymous said...

hey mr louie! i just read Masculadoll, my Mom mailed it here in LA. i love it! although i had a hard time figuring out most baklese terms haha. im so tomboy but then i enjoy exploring your side of the world which im not very familiar with. :)
anyway, good luck to u, will be waiting for your next book.

ka bute said...

super astig yung masculadoll. you're a great writer! no no.. i think the term great is an understatement. you're a genius! :) in fact, i even bought extra copies and gave them to my friends as xmas gift! hehehe. and they loved it (not because it's a gift but because of what they've read). now, i've gotta go to the bookstore and grab a copy of your other books.


Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hi AB! Thanks a bunch!


Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

Ka bute,

ka-touch naman!
Salamat po.

Anonymous said...

This is one great, great book!
Even for non-gays!

More please!