Monday, February 11, 2008


(Conversation With My Almost-Boyfriend)

HIM: I'm goin' to Sing, will be gone for some time. Workstuff.
ME: Say hi to Towel Club.
HIM: (Smiles wryly.) I hate to go, but I must. I'll find you when I get back.
ME: How will you find me if I am lost myself?
HIM: I don't wanna read between the lines...
ME: Then don't.
HIM: Is this the end of line for me?
ME: I dunno, I'm in the middle of nowhere myself.
HIM: I'll find you...


Anonymous said...

hey, from one brainiac to another...sounds a clash of the smarties...give it a chance, louie.

Anonymous said...

but methinks 'c' is another likely candidate hehe

Anonymous said...

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

or moi! hahahaha!