Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good morning

To sunrise and cloudy skies, to missed calls and dialed numbers, to erring lovers and betrayed hearts, to trials and triumphs, to work and traffic and bosses, to friends and acquaintances, to wishful thinking and answered prayers, to coffee and bacon and cheese—good morning.


Meryl said...

Hey! I didn't know may blog ka pala!

Thanks sa comment. :) I really enjoy reading your book. Haha. It was given to me by a friend. :)

Anonymous said...

magandang umga poh.

luv kita.


Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hey meryl!

thx again, girl!

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hehe cno ka ba anonymous ka...wateber...luv na rin kita...hahaha

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...


grabe huh, dami comments ng blog mo re my baklese...thxthx!