Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here I go again.

It’s one of those days. I am babbling to myself loud, and yet I hear no sound. It’s as if I’m not in my skin right now, that I am in some place else but here. Typic’ly me.

Could it be that I’m just too wired up with work and more work? Could it be that my mind is just harkin’ at me to give it a rest? Hey, here’s an idea: why doncha do this and why doncha do that? I got this anvil and it’ll look fab if your head is splattered with it! Lotsa gore and blood, that'll be cool. How about this dull bread knife, would you like me to scratch your back? Blabber, blabber, blabber. There’s so much goin’ on inside my head that methinks I need a booking agent just to see myself.

I know, I know. This space has been neglected for the longest time, it’s been set aside to rot in the bin and basically filed under Goner. Well, almost.

My loyal posse of readers--I’ve got two, harhar--have been prodding me to go back and blog.

Justine: “Hey, Skinhead Boy, here’s a bribe, your fave Wasabi Ridges! Now go! Write something, anything!”

C: “Your blog is the only thing that gives me a peek on what you’re up to you silly bastard, so write, write, write!”

As if they never had enough from the musing overdose that they’ve been overkilled with with my two books (Plugging! Plugging!), now they are just on a bloggie diet and are too petulant to say ‘..please…’ Hmp.

And so with the same ol’ sting of Wasabi slushed between my irony and this Mac, I am writin’ again.

I’m guilty as sin. I haven’t jotten (Yes, it’s not a real word) a speck on this space for a while now, but I’ve got legit reason to justify my crime. Lemmesee, one word: Work. Two words: Lotsa work. (Okay that’s three-word hyphenated.) Thing is, I’ve been dawgin’ with neck-deep work to wrestle with, but I ain’t complaining. Usually, I would raise a dirty finger, bludgeon my senses to numbness, but in its stead, I say “Keep ‘em coming!”

I have launched the new music fones of a popular cel brand, mounted a concert with The Ateneo College Glee Club, had the Red Carpet Premiere of my all-time heroine Little Miss Carrie Bardshaw’s Sex & The City and its token tri-bar shindig in fabulous Planet Malate (BED Bar, Club Mafia and O Bar), just concluded an international convention and exhibit at the SMX of The Mall of Asia and that Big Fish thingy last weekend. Now I'm gearing up for the biggie--a grand gala shindig night for all agency peeps! Yes, whew!

I am so inspired to work. It’s such a cool job and I just love my boss (I know it’s pretty unusual to write something too darn positive about one’s boss, but that’s what I sincerely feel--I ain't patronizin'...).

What could the cool gods have next?

My God, I am so freakin' happy I’m beginning to be suspicious.


Anonymous said...


cool job, nice nice nice pix!

mahal na kita...hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

pizza, u like?


cesario minor, jr. said...

it's awesome to have you return on planet earth. keep rocking, sexy thing!:)

Anonymous said...

so glad to read you again!

Anonymous said...

this is b, btw.

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hi youknowho.

who are you?

l o u i e

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...


Nyeheheh! Had a blast at the bartendin' thingy! nice meeting ya, man.

l o u i e

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...




Yellow Ochre!!!!