Sunday, January 6, 2008

Charlie McBeal

AND so it came to pass that I broke Charlie McBeal’s heart.

In a sea of pink men at Bed last night—including two ex’s (the hottie dj and, ugh, the lukewarm HeWhoseNameShallNotBeSpoken) and amidst a bevy of nameless fuckah flings and a throng of almost-but-not-quite bf material—the thud was meek but nevertheless, felt.

You see, for eons now (dating as far back when I was still tied up to the curb with HeWhoseNameShallNotBeSpoken) Charlie McBeal was already sending me feelers. He would send sweet sms, Pablo Neruda quotes (which I sooo adore), fly to where I was at my beck and call, and we actually had, uhm, friendly dates. But his efforts of courtship were futile ‘coz I was still in a relationship. I am not reeking with virtues, but I put a lotta stock on fidelity (at least emotionally) and I give my partner the reverence and loyalty that he deserves when I’m in a relationship.

As expected, my relationship with HeWhoseNameShallNotBeSpoken went kaput, and no sooner that I can say eureka, Charlie McBeal was on a wooing prowl.

He came to my rescue—listening to my motley of excuses as to why the relationship failed, giving me his shoulder for comfort and holding my hand as I make my foray to detoxify from the friggin’ ex.

Charlie McBeal was a catch—he’s a hottie with a good head on his shoulders, heck, he’s a lawyer (no less) who was one of the topnotchers in last year’s Bar Exam. Obviously, I had to upgrade from HeWhoseNameShallNotBeSpoken and Charlie McBeal was the anointed successor slash likely candidate.


For some very strange reason, he didn’t quite make the cut. I dunno, something was amiss. And I cannot put a finger on what’s he’s missing.

“I love you, Louie, I really do. I think each day on how it could work, but I’m afraid the feeling is not mutual…”

I was getting dizzy with my own dilly dally dance of committing or not.

I know, it would be terribly unfair to make him wait if I, myself, isn’t sure if there’s a green light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I don’t want him to waste his time with no assurance that one day I will be jolted from my craziness and finally jump onto a relationship with him.

Charles, dear, this is what’s best. This is what’s right.


Anonymous said...

Ganda ng title huh!
At sino naman sha sa tunay na buhay, aber?!


Anonymous said...

how many bfs hv u had? u know doc vince ba?


Anonymous said...

Charlie? Sha ba yung...ay OO NGA!!!


Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hoy. cahie! musta?
he's so uber nice, but then again, like i said, there was something amiss...hay naku...kainez...

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...

hey breve!
ya, i know doc vince. we were together for a while...he's now in chicago...methinks its his bday some time next week...

Louie Cano's Brusko Pink said...


sha nga, at wala nang iba!